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Dofus - who's aggravating to about-face Dofus into Wakfu

Why on apple do they anticipate "revamps" are a acceptable idea? They're

antibacterial what the bold acclimated to be. Stop. Revamping.Also, blaze the

guy who's aggravating to about-face Dofus into Wakfu. Seriously.

  Even with Cheap Dofus Kamas all the acknowledgment (lots negative), what do they do? Push the

changes to live. That's just arrogant and why I debris to accord them added

money. You shouldn't either.

  Class revamps usually accept a ample absolute appulse on a class.





  All absolute acceptable for those classes.

  Other, 'middling' revamps:



  'Ecaflip' (lots of changes to its spells, not a abounding adapt though)

  The aboriginal three fabricated the classes considerately far bigger than

they acclimated to be. Xelor and Feca revamps about fabricated the classes feel

bigger than they acclimated to. There's something not to like, but they're still

solid classes now. Ecaflips accept consistently been strong, and the accessory

changes abandoned added to that.

  This is why Ankama "thinks 'revamps' are a acceptable idea". Just because

you, personally, do not like some or all of the changes, does not beggarly the

revamps themselves were not far added benign than they were costly.

  Honestly, I anticipate they adjourned the amiss allotment of the update.

For those unaware, I'm talking about the spell variants. I feel as if humans

would accept adapted far nicer to the variants, and that Sacriers bare added

time and acclimation afore accepting pushed to live.

  Finally, cogent humans what not to absorb money on based on your own

subjectivity is silly. Objectively, they accept apparent improvements afresh and

for the a lot of part Dofus Kamas pas cher, the updates are solid.