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Dofus Touch - 5 agency DT on iOS and Android will be altered to Dofus on PC

news Nov-25-2016

Dofus Touch - 5 agency DT on iOS and Android will be altered to Dofus on PC

5 agency Dofus Touch on iOS and Android will be altered to Dofus on PC

>>>>> "Dofus Touch is not Dofus," says developer Ankama Games.

The accessible adaptable MMO is based on the mega accepted Flash edition, but it

will not be a absolute port.

  Here are the 5 above differences amid the two editions of the game.

  The adaptable adaptation will not accept the latest stuff

  "Dofus Touch won’t be appear with as abundant agreeable as the PC version,

says Ankama. "The developers could plan day and night to bolt up to the PC

version, but they’d never get there".

  Instead, Touch will accept agreeable agnate to the 2.14 update, which is

alleged Wetuwn of the Wa and came out in August 2013.

  That agency that about three years of updates, changes, improvements, and

agreeable will be missing. You will not get the abundance hunting added in 2.19,

the Albatrocious Rock breadth conflicting in 2.22, or the new compensation

monsters that accustomed in 2.28.

  All the updates can be begin here

  Still, you'll get nine years account of Dofus agreeable the additional

Dofus Touch comes out. Not too shabby.

  It will accept abounding Touch controls

  The Touch copy has been advised accurately for tablets, so you can command

your characters by sliding your feel about the screen. No charge for awkward

basic joysticks or d-pads. Hooray!

  You can't play with your PC character

  Sadly, you will not be able to alteration your advance from the browser

bold to the adaptable version. "It is acutely difficult to synchronise the two

versions, abnormally aback the PC adaptation is consistently evolving," says


  Instead you'll accept to alpha from scratch. Maybe use this as an alibi to

try out a new appearance build?

  You'll alone charge to download a few maps at a time

  Don't anguish about Dofus demography up endless of amplitude on your phone.

In this adaptable version, the maps will be downloaded if all-important and your

most-visited maps will be kept in memory.

  You will not pay for it in the aforementioned way.

  Dofus Touch won’t action a cable plan. "Instead, it will accept an

bread-and-butter archetypal added in band with added book games," the developer


  That means, boom cycle please, microtransactions. You'll be able to absorb

absolute money (currently, Euros) on a basic bill alleged Goultines.

  This will let you buy from a basic boutique blimp with corrective items,

consumables to acceleration up progression, casework for alteration your

character, pets and mounts, and emotes.

  You can aswell change Goultines into Kamas - the capital bill in the game.

And with those you can buy getting from the markets. The amateur who sells the

account will acquire Dofus Touch Kamas.

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