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Dofus - How should I body Eca

So about 9-10 years ago I created an Ecaflip and collapsed to 120ish. Afterwards that I chock-full and started arena about 2 years ago afresh and got my eca to 159 but chock-full again.

Now I am starting afresh and accept to ask you guys a question.

What is the accustomed accompaniment of Ecaflips? Are they strong? Every carbon was resetted so I can still change to what I wish even the scrolls got resetted so I can even annal what I wish for free.

Should I alpha with a new chic or is Eca still strong?

If Eca is able how should I body him.Currently I accept a Moowolf-Set so I accept a in actuality str build.Also which chic would fit best with an Eca for mostly PvM?

Eca is in actuality still complete good. My advancement tho isn't to break 1 aspect if you wanna go abounding pvm.

For abandoned Str/agi is the best combo. As for aggregation angry I adopt str/cha.

I fabricated abundance str/agi/cha tho which is complete acceptable aswell but you'll charge to get atleast lvl 190+ to do this properly.

Int is in actuality not to greatest atm, but it can plan as a hybrid. In omni builds it's aswell the atomic acclimated element.

However I've approved int/cha afore and Cheap Dofus Kamas adeptness do so afresh in the future. You can aswell add agi if you like, not to harder to do but afresh for 190+.