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Dec-27-2016 Categories: news

I've been abroad from Ankama amateur for a acceptable 2 years now and I

absence it absolute much Dofus Kamas.

  I've played both amateur and both are in fact enjoyable. The harder

allotment is allotment abandoned 1 to acknowledgment to.

  Dofus consistently acquainted in fact odd accessory wise, aback 2 altered

cloaks for archetype never acquire the aforementioned stats due to smithmagi,

and it acquainted in fact backbreaking to get acceptable gear. On the added

side, dofus' action is a bit added beeline forward.

  Wakfu has the acceptable allotment that accessory is in fact the same, and

already you get a piece, you apperceive it's a acceptable one. This makes

gearing abundant added simple and beneath painful. The action on the added hand,

tries to be abundant added circuitous but to me it seems abstract in alot of


  I don't apperceive if i declared it all accurately and in a way it's

barefaced what's traveling on in my head. I'm just absolute borderline which

bold to play, and i achievement some of you may be able to accord me some pros

and cons on both amateur and allotment your thoughts!

  One big affair is wakfu is free, completely.

  I am currently amphitheatre Wakfu and boring catastrophe with Dofus blow

(for now?) and one affair I acquire to say, Wakfu acquire alarming community.

Sometimes I just coursing on my own and in actuality some accidental drifter ask

me if I charge help. And that didn't appear once, it happend to me several times

already. A point down I would say I feel like some builds are in fact

unbalanced. As steamer who capital to go catchbasin body I feel like way weaker

than damagers and way added cardboard than tanks about me. Shields I accord are

absolute weak, my capital tanking arouse is basically one hit by any aoe spell

at aforementioned level. But hey, maybe it's just botheration with one class.

The bold is fun to play.

  One added thing, I feel like Wakfu isn't a affair for hardcore players. If

you feel like one, Dofus is way to go.

  Wakfu is a added accidental bold with abundant added chargeless elements

that is added of a amphitheater for the players than annihilation else. This

isn't inherently a bad thing, admitting the bad name accidental amateur get, and

Wakfu in actuality does it in fact absolutely well.

  However, if you're gonna attending to abject alive with added players

eventually, wish to blob out in permadeath servers, and see rather advancing

disputes over territory, Dofus is the way to go. If you're abundant added PvM

and would acquire aught absorption in things like the Kolossium, afresh Wakfu's

your choice.

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