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Jan-23-2017 Categories: news

Dofus Beef VS Dofus 2.0? Is there a aberration amid those 2? like I played on

the accepted launcher all my life. Can I alteration my abstracts or is it the

aforementioned affair that I can barrage from steam?

It's the same, goes to the aforementioned servers, just altered launchers. If

you hotlink your Beef annual to your Ankama account, if you barrage it from Beef

it will log you in with that Ankama account.

They accept 2 servers abounding of French players now, right? How are the

English communities traveling on those.

They're traveling appealing able-bodied in both I think. 1-2 guilds

anniversary with a appropriate bulk of alive players. I've been arena on them

anytime back I begin out Ankama assuredly let us play 1.29.

I approved Dofus 1.29. Feels adequate to accept to the old astrub affair

again. Aswell fabricated 1-2 characters but can't actually be agitated to akin

them if I'm (was, actual abundant abeyant at the moment) aswell leveling a

appearance on Rushu.

Guess I'll play 1.29 afresh if I play again, and accept my Enutrof lvl 160

for its set.

The capital botheration is the abridgement is in fact run by bots and mining

is appealing abundant absurd to akin as a result.

Ankama has said there will be no abutment for the server so humans just bot

in endgame accessory all the time. It's appealing abominable but what can you do

_^ I'm just blessed we can play 1.29.

I'm just animated that bots don't annihilate the anamnesis aromatic bazaar so

I was able to accomplish those for assorted Gob sets lmao.

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