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Apr-10-2018 Categories: news

I adulation csgo, and accept just afresh assed over 700 hours in it, but I'm still argent 4. I don't feel like I'm break placed either, because my opponents are still arduous for me, CSGO Skins and I accept about a 55% bold win ratio, which is pretty reasonable.

So, I am not convalescent abundant in csgo, I'm not accepting any better. For the aboriginal 300 or so hours, I could acutely see myself accepting bigger and better, but I accept to accept hit my "peak" way afore I would accept admired to.

If anyone has any acceptable tips for accepting able to canyon this "wall", it would be abundant appreciated.

Kacka acquaint me that...

Make abiding you are not bound by hardware. Accomplish abiding you mechanics are good, kz, soraypatterns and so on. Accomplish abiding to anticipate while arena and not accomplishing the aforementioned accepting over and over afresh assured things to change.

Like others said watch bigger players and acquisition out why they are better. Accept the map ability and be able to smoke, popflash yourself and prefire accepted spots. Area to analysis in which adjustment if entering a side, area to captivated which entrance to a side.

There are a lot of things you allegation to accede while playing, play offangles, play altered positions and try to outmanoeuvre your enemy. Aim abandoned will not accomplish you win.

A acceptable accouterments will advice you to use your abounding potential. Watch your own amateur and acquisition out why you died. Did you yield fights you shouldn't, didn't you yield fights you should, did you overpeak, did you not get abundant info, did you play the aforementioned atom assorted rounds.

There is a lot to acquisition out, you will get bigger if you in fact ambition to, just accomplish abiding you are not attached yourself because of some things that are simple to practice.

I'll try to accede that. I usually don't watch my demos, but I assumption I can alpha accomplishing that. I anticipate my capital attached agency adeptness in fact be hardware; I play on MacBook pro (with a acceptable preipherals) but still abandoned get 20-30 fps at minimum 800x600 resolution.

As far as mechanics go, aggregate but aerosol patterns (after the aboriginal 10-12 bullets) and smokes, flashes, mollies, etc. I'll aswell try to amount out the abridgement and be a bit added capricious if I play.