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MMOGO CSGO Skins - I play with a accumulation of humans who don't anticipate the AWP takes any accomplishment they don't in actuality apperceive abundant of the bold can anyone accord me a acceptable altercation to argue them otherwise?

Have them try to use it well... Not just holf an bend for an hour cat-and-mouse for a guy, in actuality accepting like an access abject and not accepting attempt in the face. I adulation access fragging with the awp personally. As continued as i accept teammates to awning my aback and accomplish abiding humans don't advance from breadth i already looked. It takes some skill.


Have them bifold anyone who is a acceptable apwer (I would advance if you deceit acquisition one.) it would accord you a acceptable laugh.

Also, how abounding hours do they have? There is no complete acumen for them to allocution bits about what does and doesn't crave accomplishment if they dont apperceive abundant about the game.

Well I am one of these humans that he plays with and I currently accept over 700 hours in the game. Although it was not me that was arguing with him I accede and disagree with HoneyBadger. In assertive situations yes the AWP requires basal accomplishment but in added situations you charge a lot of accomplishment like access fragging.

Alot of humans anticipate "oh, i can authority an angle". Yeah well, what happens if a flashbang comes over the wall, what about anyone accept peeks you? What if they advanced peek?

Then you accept the things that the awper does/needs to do. If I go here, if will I see a T/CT with the best spawn? How abutting is my crosshair to the wall? Do i accept time to react? Breadth do I look? And at what time do I look? Do my teammaes accept my back?

So abundant goes through your arch that application it in itself may not be too hard... But what goes through your apperception is.

I've hit a point over the endure few months breadth i accept become acutely able with an awp. Annihilation is bigger than arena comp, animate what you are doing, and accepting alleged a hacker by the added team. Happened to me yesterday.

It tells you you are accomplishing something appropriate in the bold with your role.

Also things like acquisition advice for your team. If youget flashed, you accept to reposition yourself. Acquaint your team, and abide to administer pressure, apperceive if to aback off. Be awaure of your yeammates position. All things you anticipate about while captivation that angle.

When they say all awpers shojld be riflers its because these awareness/team advice situations are applicative to every position of CS GO Items for sale. Not every rifler can awp because of the accurate abstruse accomplishment appropriate (movement and aim).