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Apr-11-2018 Categories: news

Ok, so I've been arena CS:GO (CSGO Skins) for about the endure 2.5 weeks and accept gotten about 80hours. For the aboriginal 70hours I played accidental strictly.

In that time of 2 weeks of arena accidental I would usually allot appealing well, I got either the top fragger atom or top three.

Now im in comp, got ranked Argent 5. I'm accepting $.25 on. Im basal fragger or basal two 90% of the time.

Not accepting abundant fun advancing 8-20, and I feel like I've abandoned how to play the game. It's like I get cool afraid and overlook how to ascendancy the aerosol on the ak and added applesauce like that.

What the hell do I do to advance my game? I feel like abandonment already but I adulation the game, im just artlessly not accepting fun anymore. Aswell accidental is something I don't ambition to go aback to.

First tip would be to acquisition some accompany you can play the bold with and accept fun with it, the added balked you are the dumber you play.

2nd just convenance by playing, prefire maps are fun to get your aim down but mostly it's just convenance .

If you're at argent 5 afresh you will be put with players at a smilar accomplishment akin than you, I accept encountered some smurfs but it's not that big of a deal, Play smart, don't just run about cerebration you're a top fragger assured to do well because it will not work, allege to your team.

Except one map as training afore comp. mm: "Yprac Aim Practice". Just play the absence approach and try to get 65+ kpm. Try to get bigger as this. You can aswell use the reflex blitz approach to apprentice how to shoot at alive targets.

If you die, don't get frustrated. Try to acquisition out why you died and try to do bigger next round.

Communication is the key. Allocution to your aggregation even if they don't allocution to you. Acquaint them the positions of the enemy. Even if you are afterlife you can still acquaint them positions from the appearance of added players. This can addition your Aggregation so much.

Don't accusation you aggregation if you apart and never get baneful to added players. If you bawl at your aggregation they get balked to and play even worse. You can accord them affable tips if they did something accessible wrong.

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