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​Astellia Online - Thoughts on the bold afterwards cutting to lv50

news Oct-11-2019

​Astellia Online - Thoughts on the bold afterwards cutting to lv50

Posted on addition cilia but I anticipation it would be acceptable for added afterimage to others searching for opinions on the bold - Speaking as a akin 50 Ranger on NA:

- Enjoyment: Bold is appealing fun. Your basal allegation korean MMO, but it seems fair. No hints of P2W, yet, but adore the aggregate of astells and appearance of play appropriate amid bosses, alcove mobbing, and ACTUAL arduous quests that crave 2+ people. (MOTHER FUCKING LOUISE @ 20 - #whocanrelate)

- Optimization: Haven't had or heard any issues from my brotherhood accepted your PC can handle whichever settings you choose. Some anatomy disturbing in towns with a lot of ppl in max settings afterwards V-sync (obviously) but I accept yet to dabble about because of grinding.

- Bugs: They're around, but annihilation a restart doesn't fix. I've had quests de-sync occasionally and bendable lock you out of them, so it requires a restart. To say exactly: Aboriginal on a bronze was amphibian and wouldn't let me investigate. By 40s there were issues applying a aromatic to mobs that aggro you and gave invalid errors. Late 40s you accept an escort mission and the dude gets ashore on every accessory bedrock and bedrock the area has to offer. He aswell bendable bound my accomplishment bar if dying.

- Skills: God I LOVE the chain system. So fucking advantageous for rotations. Unfortunately may feel addled until you get afterwards abilities because of the again acceptance and affinity amid animations. At a top level? Damn it feels acceptable to assassinate altogether timed aggregate rotations of 6+ abilities on mobs with 20k+ HP.

- Astells: So unique. Absolutely adore it added than I expected. They action such altered array and absolutely action some abstruse abyss on how to use them and even amalgamate them for altered aspects of gameplay. The agenda accumulating aspect has a abreast affinity to FF8's agenda accession for Aeons (just my own claimed nostalgia), Astellia Online Asper and the altered agency to body decks, with stats, etc is absolutely fucking accurate (as a min/maxer). The ONLY blemish is their permalock assimilate the F1-8 keys. That is air-conditioned annoying, but we'll acclimatize or macro/rebind them, as gamers by itself would.

- Story: Some absorbing being in the afterwards end of it, but why am I accomplishing abode affairs for humans all over the world? Couldn't focus abundant to bullwork to cap in 24 hours.

- Quests: Basal collect, kill, allocution to peeps, and accomplishing abode assignment array amid areas. Brace of altered awe-inspiring ones, but it got affectionate of absorbing with the adventure abreast the 45+ point. I started to apprehend and watch being a little admitting the rush.

- Crafting: Seems absolutely fucking cool. Gives me a activity of a Runsecape-Lite feel, but I haven't invested abundant into it added than accumulating and a bit to testing. The bullwork was insane, and I slept after.

That's appealing abundant it. If you guys accept any questions feel chargeless to ask, and I'll acknowledge to the best of my ability.

Key tip: You can contrivance in the administration you are walking (W,A,S,D) hitting + captivation Appropriate bang + Larboard click. Best way to dodge!