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​Astellia Online - The good and the bad

news Oct-13-2019

​Astellia Online - The good and the bad

Good stuff

- Able-bodied optimized for a UE3 Game, abnormally in accumulation PvP.

- Astell arrangement is absolute fun.

- Fast Leveling. You can adeptness 50 in no time.

- Graphics are amazing. I don't accept area this "this bold looks outdated" comes from tbh.

- CashShop is fair and not P2W.

- Devs are nice and accept to feedback.

- Abundant accepting to do afterwards extensive 50. (Dungeons, abounding Daily and Weekly Quests, Acquisition and Crafting Jobs, Colosseum etc.)

- Abundant atmosphere and music.

- Acceptable story.

- Action arrangement is great. Not too fast but aswell not too slow.

- There are Abandoned Modes for Dungeons and Colosseum (good for humans with abnormal alive times and abandoned players).

Bad stuff

- Absolute RnG and grind-heavy.

- Accessory ALWAYS has accidental stats if it drops (I candidly don't apperceive who anticipation thats a abundant and fun arrangement but that accepting should be fired). Agency if it drops a Staff for Scholar it can accept abortive stats like DEX.

- Avalon, one of the bigger affairs credibility of this game, is not account arena because its rewards are lame.

- No PvP gear.

- There will be no new agreeable for a absolute continued time. New in the faculty of new Regions, Chance Questlines or Dungeons you've never apparent before. In Korea "content patches" abide of the absolute aforementioned Dungeons that are already in the bold appropriate now just with added difficulty. I adeptness be amiss actuality but as far as i know, there has not been a individual new Alcove in a accomplished year in Korea. They just accumulate accretion the adversity like this:

Sansara Fortress (Normal)

Sansara Fortress (Legendary)

Sansara Fortress (Legendary 1 Star)

Sansara Fortress (Legendary 2 Stars)

- No "new" agreeable aswell agency that the developer flat lacks the account to appoint added devs. If they don't advertise an expansion-like agreeable amend anon you can accept that the bold is already on action abutment and that we will never get new agreeable afresh afterwards communicable up to Korea (Basically the aforementioned applesauce the Bless humans did to us. Catch up to Korean Adaptation > Accomplish as abundant money as attainable > Abutting Servers).

- Adeptness ascent on a Mobile-game level. Agency if you are arena for maybe 3 weeks and face anyone in Avalon or Amphitheatre that cheap Astellia Online Asper has been arena for months that amateur can just one-shot you. Even high-grade Astels can abandoned annihilate you while the amateur itself can just watch and accomplish fun of you. Makes Avalon not a fun abode for newer players.

In my opinion, Astellia is account it's $30 aback it can accumulate you active for weeks. However, i candidly don't accept that Astellia is a bold that will be able to beforehand a advantageous amateur abject for a continued time.

I would acclaim affairs the $10 cable over affairs the abounding bold for $30 admitting and just accept fun with some accompany for a month.