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​Astellia Online - The Astellia Targeting Arrangement - How To

news Oct-24-2019

​Astellia Online - The Astellia Targeting Arrangement - How To

Though it's still "Tab" ambition based, Astellia has a unique, added circuitous targeting system. While this can be a absolute advantageous arrangement for those who apprentice how to set it up and Astellia Online Asper use it properly, it's aswell a antecedent of abundant acrimony and acrimony until is ample out.

I will allotment what I abstruse so far. It's already a lot of fun application it, admitting needs far bigger beheld arrangement on the targets. It's still achievable by searching at the top of the awning UI while targeting or switching targets.

Settings accompanying to Targeting

- Targeting application the Mouse:

Moving the cursor over things and beat with the Larboard button to baddest or target, while application Appropriate button to (also) activate.

Why like this? Because if you try to baddest something, you ambition to be abiding that will not be activated: during a boxy activity you don't ambition by aberration activating the Loot card or similar.

Having larboard bang aloof for just targeting and application appropriate bang for activity avoids abhorrent situations.

Why use the abrasion to target?

Sometimes is the abandoned way to baddest and actuate things, assertive items such as decaying accessories or altar that are aperture a aboideau in a dungeon, or even gathering, as able-bodied aperture chests.

- Abrasion settings:

Why are these set like this?

Action - just appropriate click.

Move - none (don't ambition to alpha affective into an AoE while aggravating to baddest or actuate something, contrarily it's not targeting accompanying so set to what you want)

Select - just larboard bang (this can be antipodal with appropriate click, doesn't bulk which, just accept one that just selects, does annihilation abroad i.e. looting)

Select+Action - aforementioned as appropriate click, but some accomplishments may crave baddest as able-bodied and this covers those.

The blow Camera and "Auto-Adjust" not related, set as you wish.

- Targeting application the Keyboard (or agnate keys on added hardware):

When too abounding things are abutting to anniversary other, will be absurd to baddest one of them by abrasion clicking. Aswell this is the fastest way, because affective the cursor can be difficult if the arrangement is beneath abundant bulk and may not move smoothly. Abnormally if you set for these targeting accomplishments some of those keys that are aural the adeptness of your fingers. Individual key columnist can be done faster than a Shift+Something (so aces wisely which accomplishments to accept the best keys).

Check which key does what (at atomic to apprentice it) and change it as you need, so you will be application the closest=fastest keys for what is added important to you. I can't say which keys are these, that depends on the admeasurement of your duke and keyboard. Your moves accept to be fast and still comfortable, contrarily your accomplishment activation timing will be delayed and your duke will get tired, which afresh leads to delays or worse.

- Settings, Targeting section:

These are mostly defaults, but apprehension Targeting Priority can be based on Distance or Facing Angle, and this one ambience is about Targeting application Hotkeys, abrasion bang targeting works on annihilation in your beheld acreage only.

The individual a lot of important ambience accompanying to my tutorial is to set "When Tab targeting, exclude Astels" to Off (default is On)

You allegation this if you ambition to be able to calmly ambition your Astel, to alleviate it during activity or accord a addict or something, if abrasion baddest isn't applicable option. The "tab" description in this settings is about the accessory tab key, one that is adapted from the "tab" that targets enemies.

- Targeting accompanying Hotkeys settings can be activate at:

Settings > Hotkey > Affair (notice the endure two keys for acknowledging others, but they don't plan alfresco a party, except the aboriginal one that selects you; to alleviate others alfresco the affair baddest them application the mouse, that allows to alleviate them) & Settings > Hotkey > Mark (set keys actuality if you ambition to abode markings, or use the quickbar versions, these are advantageous in a party, abandoned you don't allegation to mark)

And the a lot of important ones are in Settings > Hotkey > Misc.

Target 1 = this is the Primary Targeting key, works ONLY arise entities that can be damaged (though some altar like some destroyable alcove accessories may crave abrasion beat them)

Target 2 = works in fact like the antecedent key but is bound to ONLY those MARKED entities that can be damaged (marked by you or a affair member, abandoned don't allegation this)

Target 3 = and this is the "Secondary" Targeting key, targets aggregate that can be targeted AND can't be damaged: You, your Astel(s), adventure NPC's, altar like the Teleport Shrine and so on. If you are abandoned angry NPC's, this allows quick and reliable switching the Affable Targeting, amid your appearance and your Astel(s), authoritative it simple to alleviate and addict as needed.

Notice how the "Targeting 1" Primary Targeting key and "Targeting 3" Accessory Targeting key do adapted things, abbreviate adaptation is that one works with enemies and the added with friends.

How the Targeting Arrangement works and looks.

Friendly targets will accept a chicken amphitheater beneath their feets, while enemies will accept a above red amphitheater and their name will use a bit above belletrist placed in aboveboard brackets. These things are harder to apprehension though, a lot of of the times accepting hidden beneath assorted altar and effects. These allegation a clearer appearance aloft them, agnate to the Markers that can be set at Settings > Hotkey > Mark.

What we can still use, are the two Targeting UI windows that arise at the top of the screen. They arise consistently at the aforementioned place:

Slightly larboard ancillary of the awning top: Accessory or Affable Targets; that's You, your Astel(s), and your affair associates (if any), annihilation else. These can be called application the key set at "Target 3" hotkey ambience or application the mouse.

Exactly in the centermost of the awning top: the Primary Target, usually entities that can be damaged. These targets can be get application the key set at "Target 1" hotkey ambience or application the mouse.

What is abundant is that by searching at the top 2 ambition UI windows, we can see our accepted affable ambition and out accepted adversary target. Already we accept these right, we can actuate both healing and damaging skills, and the bold will forward them to the appropriate place. "Tab 1" will acquiesce us to baddest next enemy, and "Tab 3" will acquiesce us to about-face amid affair members, our Astels and ourselves, while still befitting the adversary targeted and activating a damaging or healing skill, based on needs and cooldowns, afterwards the allegation to about-face ambition from an adversary to a affable like in added agnate games.

Of course, it's not all roses, this centermost top adversary ambition UI isn't in fact aloof for the enemies: aggregate abroad that can be targeted and is not allotment of your affair such as teleport Shrine, affable NPC's that can be healed and added Astellians as able-bodied will go here, admitting they can't be damaged, so in those cases a addict or alleviate goes arise them if activated. All these should've been placed into the larboard UI instead, accepting targets activated with the "Tab 3" affable button.

Just two simple fixes are needed: adapted and bright graphical markers for both targets, and affable targets confused to the affable UI.