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​Astellia Online - Some annual for the Game

news Nov-29-2019

​Astellia Online - Some annual for the Game

Just to be bright : I don't say it should be like that but it would be cool.

- Armour and Weapon for every Class should abandoned role the Stats for the Class. ( Warrior Armour and Weapon shouldn't Roll Int, Wei, Wis etc aforementioned for the others )

- Get added boodle for your Class not for every other. ( Played 3 chars up to lvl 35 and got 90% of the time accessory for added Classes or Accessory for me with amiss stats )

- Runes: with 2 Melee classes i mainly got Abracadabra runes. ( It sucks to get so abounding Abracadabra runes if you are Phys. )

_ We should be able to reroll the Atra crystals one by one not all at once. ( if you accept 5 atra crystals alive you should be able to reroll abandoned the endure one you added not all at already contrarily it's just a luck bold but if you can reroll the endure one that you put in it would be something to bullwork for. )

- We should be able to annul the Brown Horse.

- Added Inventore Amplitude and Accumulator amplitude for the annual "not Char accumulator space" ( even if it's just a little but it would be nice if we had a adjustment to access a bit added Space. )

- It seems like you get beneath exp if you Lvl with a Party.

- Crafting needs a little rework. You get Mats for lvl 17 Hero/Legi weapon/armour but can't ability it untill you are lvl 30+ and at that point you don't even charge it anymore. So either get rid of the mats and the Hero/Legi weapon/armour for that lvl or accomplish it so that you can ability it at the appropriate lvl contrarily it's just a aggravate to attending at and not absolutely usefull. ( and no it doesn't even accord you added exp if you ability it, it's just abortive )

- Let us adapt the minimap for archetype : i wish to see the mobs and all the raw materials.

Bugs I found:

- You can't sit down if you accept the Healing dot from Scholar.

- Autopath gets you ashore sometimes ( ability be applicant based ? )

That's all for now and bethink: Don't get Butthurt and be nice because that's just my opinion!