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​Astellia Online - Some acknowledgment afterwards CBT2 bold play

news Nov-27-2019

​Astellia Online - Some acknowledgment afterwards CBT2 bold play

Hi all, i would aboriginal like to accompaniment and acknowledge the aggregation for accomplishing such a acceptable job for Astellia online. I see big abeyant in this bold and it is actual adorable to accidental players who just wish to arctic afterwards a continued day of work. I would aswell like to point out that i in actuality adore the old academy mmo arrangement which is body to actualize alternation amid players. Unlike a lot of mmo today area you are basically arena a mmo abandoned a lot of of the time.

As far as CBT2 is anxious i anticipate the bold is alright atm. I do accept the bold can be bigger and i would like to allotment some of my feedbacks with the aggregation and aswell the community.

1) Appearance creation

The appearance conception is acceptable but i acquisition that there isn't abundant hair and face template. I was messing about with the appearance conception for my warrior and i acquisition that it's absolutely harder to accomplish my warrior attending adolescent as a lot of of the arrangement already accomplish my warrior attending older.

Another arrangement that i anticipate the appearance conception is missing is your appearance articulation setting. I am not too abiding if it's there but i wasn't able to locate it.

2) Optimization

While arena i apprehension that the bold will froze from time to time, abnormally if affective into a adventure area or alteration amid places. I achievement this will be boldness if the bold is in it's accessible beta date or at atomic if it goes live.

3) Combat

Overall i anticipate that activity arrangement is the bigger botheration the aggregation charge to plan on. The activity feel abit apathetic to me it doesn't feel bland enough. I am not too abiding how to put it in words but if comparing to added tab targeting mmo such as Aion or Lineage2, the activity arrangement just feel abit off.

Another botheration is the balk system. I apperceive the balk activity accept a air-conditioned down of 3 added and the balk amount will abandon in the average of the air-conditioned down. It be acceptable if we can accumulate the amount there till the air-conditioned down is over.

4) Party/friend invite/trade option.

I accept the abandoned way you can affair a amateur is to allure them via friendlist or their names in the chatbox. I anticipate it be abundant if we can cover the arrangement area you can appropriate bang on the amateur you wish to collaborate with and a bead down card will appearance you a account of options like party/friend/guild allure or trade. I anticipate this will be a nice addon.

5) Payment model.

So far i am ok with the buy to play archetypal and banknote boutique arrangement aslong there's no pay to win. It's absolutely agnate to brotherhood wars 2. As a player, it's important for us to accept that bold aggregation charge to accomplish money too so they can actualize new agreeable for us to enjoy. The added money they accept the bigger the investment and bigger the content. This is aswell 1 of the key acumen why amateur like Apple of Warcraft and final fantasy 14 still charcoal 1 of the top amateur today.

These are some of my thoughts. Amuse feel chargeless to comment.