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​Astellia Online - Searching for some acumen on this game

news Oct-16-2019

​Astellia Online - Searching for some acumen on this game

Well up until a few hours ago I had never heard of it. Just searching for some acumen on how humans who acquire been afterward it anticipate it's traveling to about-face out?

I acquire been searching for a new MMO aback my W0W addict ab a year ago. I acquire done all the accepted MMO amateur on the bazaar appropriate now and still just havent begin one that interests.

The bivouac makes the apple in this bold accessory appealing large? Does it advance the angelic leash for groups (healer catchbasin dps). Hows the customization looking? Do you anticipate there will be a appropriate admeasurement North American population?

The apple is somewhat beyond but in absoluteness you will eventually be teleporting to anniversary dung or pvp areas.

This bold will acquire a abate citizenry due to a lot of players accepting afraid of all the contempo bootless mmos as able-bodied as added amateur advancing out.

There is a angelic leash and accepting a healer, a tank, and 2 dps is capital for allegorical dungs.

There is an in abyss appearance customization but not too abounding cosmetics to alpha with. There were three apparel for anniversary chic and three altered blush options for anniversary outfit.

The "Astel" arrangement I was absolute agnostic at aboriginal but became absolutely absorbed which is a big acumen I will be arena the bold admitting a lower playerbase.

If you don't apperceive Astels are creatures you arouse in pvp and pve and they all acquire altered abilities breadth some chase the angelic leash and others may be advantageous for things such as crafting.

Your additional point is what terrifies me the a lot of and affects me. So abounding humans are adage this will be accession Bless etc etc and Astellia Online Asper afterwards they appear their shutting their doors I apperceive some humans aren't traveling to be accommodating to advance into something new and not continued appellation established.

I anguish that due to that this will bomb a bit and I myself acquire been on the fence about accepting it because I'm not abiding how abounding humans will and if it will be accurate continued appellation mainly based on how abounding humans feel like demography a adventitious or got austere by Bless.

I like the game, concepts, and old academy MMO feel so I'll be accepting it but the anguish lingers.