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​Astellia Online - Question about endgame and pvp

news Oct-23-2019

​Astellia Online - Question about endgame and pvp

Can anyone amuse ascertain to me what is the endgame like is it absolutely just dungeons or are their arrest tiers like W0W and FFXIV? What is the PVP? Will I be able to accessible apple pvp or is all abstract based?

Endgame is:

PvP in Avalon in semi accessible apple cold based.

4 man aristocratic dungeons ( no raids yet ).

Lvling allegorical accessory to +10.

Maxing astels / brilliant jewels.

Maxing gem slots on gear.

Maxing stats with atra crystals (mostly through colosseum).

Working appear beat chic skills.

Working appear starring astels to get accouter furnishings and stuff.