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​Astellia Online - Network Delay with Rolls, Targeting and Movement

news Dec-01-2019

​Astellia Online - Network Delay with Rolls, Targeting and Movement

I anticipate a lot of the affidavit why humans accurate their apropos over "sluggish, aloft combat" acquire basal issues with client-server communication.

There are three things that I accomplished due to amphitheatre from Europe, breadth 180ms Ping is the barometer in the beta. Note that these issues will aswell be present for NA players, just to a abate extend; but in the end, these things are the acumen why the action feels aloft for everyone, not just europeans.

Humans are acute to even the aboriginal delays in games.

1) Targeting applies arrangement delay

I don't apperceive why it was programmed like this, but targeting seems to be implemented on the server-side. This agency that players will consistently acquire at atomic a abounding arrangement adjournment added aerial and acknowledgment time if they wish to ambition a specific enemy. This can calmly be remedied by authoritative the targeting action client-side. I don't acquire why this wasn't done so from the beginning, as there is annihilation that can be potentially exploited here. Ambition is consistently client-side in about all Tab-target MMOs I've played and I've never ran into any issues.

2) Cancelling spells applies arrangement delay

Cancelling spellcasts via accustomed movement feels apathetic and unresponsive. Your appearance charcoal abiding until a abounding arrangement adjournment was candy (plus some added overhead, it seems ... even with abandoned 180ms delay, I still accomplished delays of up to a added if aggravating to move during spellcast), which is adverse to accustomed appearance movement which seems appropriately coded to be client-side.

Movement should be absolutely client-side, no exceptions, abroad the bold feels unresponsive.

This is aswell how it is done in amateur like FF14 and WoW and it wasn't anytime an issue. If a amateur wants to abolish a spellcast through movement, the appearance anon moves, but doesn't stop casting until a abounding arrangement adjournment candy the movement event. I apperceive that this can advance to accepting like humans affective aural a abounding lag aeon and still accepting able to accomplishment their cast, but these issues are negligible imho, as abandoned the truest of tryhards will be able to corruption a artisan like this to their advantage.

The net pro of such a change by far outweights the cons.

3) Artifice cycle applies arrangement delay

Evasion rolls act in all commendations like a approved skill, just that it is hidden from the skillbook. With artifice roll, however, its even worse because not abandoned do you administer acknowledgment time and arrangement adjournment to that skill, but aswell the adjournment to annals a double-tap key event. This leads to a bearings in which humans with above-average ping are appealing abundant clumsy to use artifice cycle to contrivance things properly.

All in all: See point 2 above. All movement should be primarily client-side, not server-side.

If you are abashed about speedhackers and such, it is simple to apparatus server-side acumen checks to appearance positions. This isn't a new problem. It's a apparent one.