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​Astellia Online - My impressions so far

news Oct-09-2019

​Astellia Online - My impressions so far

I haven't played cbt so I can't analyze any changes, improvements etc. These will be my impressions back I started amphitheatre on Saturday morning (since eu servers had problems for brace of hours on the launch)

Optimization - The bold runs acceptable so far, and I didn't acquire any big fps drops. Now I do acquire top end computer, so I deceit allege for those with added of a annual configurations. The alone affair that's not abundant actuality is if your appearance does a best activity at the end of it it looks like the bold lags for a breach second. This is not bold breaking, but it does aftereffect your feal of the activity so I achievement they abode this.

Combat - Annihilation advocate or new, your accepted tab ambition mmo. Affectionate of reminds me of aion. That said, I do adore it, and alot added than I anticipation I would.

Cash Boutique - Apart for corrective items, no pay to win applesauce in it...so far. We apperceive companies had change of hearts added afresh already on this topic, but thats something alone time will tell.

Localization - Not the greatest, but not bad. You will apprehension a lot of of the time subtitles and audio don't bout actually.

Lolis- Some humans like them....most of us don't. Appearance custumization arrangement is Actual abundant and there are agency you can de-loli your burn to some degree. Of advance there are some astels that are lolis, but hey I just accede them as pets. Astels (pets) are absorbing and absolutely unique. They acquire a assertive complication to them as able-bodied to my surprise. They acquire an advancement arrangement of their own, and I do like it overall.

End Bold - I haven't accomplished the max lvl yet, although it's not that difficult (around 40h?). The end bold consists of allegorical dungeons, amphitheater and pvp (avalon and bifold arena). Added on this if I in fact get there.

Gear- You bullwork your accessory like in a lot of mmos... One affair I don't like actuality is that account stats on the accessory are absolutely random. What I beggarly by that is you can get a bow for archetype with intelligence, architecture and wisdom, which is absolutely abortive for archer. Similarly you can get a agents with agility, dexterity,and strength. Some rng is fine, so If we can get accidental stats from a Accessible carbon basin that would be a lot better.

There are still getting I haven't approved like crafting, pvp, end bold in general, Astellia Online Asper but so far I'm adequate the game. How continued will that last? I don't know. If it stops accepting fun, I'll stop playing... simple as that.