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​Astellia Online - My 2 Cents afterwards 10 hours of arena Astellia

news Oct-12-2019

​Astellia Online - My 2 Cents afterwards 10 hours of arena Astellia

One the up side:

Very nice, bright cartoon and designs ( if you like the asian/manga-look that is ). Advancing from FF XIV with a rather albino and albino look, this is a nice Change. The apple aswell has a nice classical, absurd like Fantasy-look to it.

The UE3 engine provides solid Performance and nice effects, the bold runs abiding as a bedrock ( already you get it running… ).

If you are acclimated to the angelic Trinity of MMO and Tab-targetting Combat, accepting the adhere of the fights is asleep easy. The Astels accommodate a nice added affection that could add some Variation to your Fighting appearance afterwards on.

On the down side:

Installation on Win10 is collapsed out broken. The DirectX9 installer Fails and DX9 has to be manually installed and the d3d9.dll afflicted to the bold Directory by Hand. Also, no absurdity message, the Client silently dies. To accretion this one, you accept to dig into Windows's Arrangement Event Log.

Very few classes, no species. FF XIV comes with 19 Jobs and 7 breed to accept from, 5 of which appear with male/female genders. Here we accept 5 Jobs, 3 of which are gender-locked… I achievement this gets broadcast in the future.

Chances are that this will become p2w. Appropriate now, there are mostly corrective items in the banknote shop, with the barring of an XP-boost. But seeing that this bold has to go up adjoin some massive Competition, I see a top Adventitious that there will be stat-increasing Items & Astellia Online Asper in the banknote boutique eventually or later.

No chargeless Trial. Speaks for itself.

All in all: Looks nice, feels nice, has some abrogating Points, but I'd say, accord it a try.