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​Astellia Online - Misc. Questions

news Oct-20-2019

​Astellia Online - Misc. Questions

1, [ANSWERED] For those who were in the CBT's, what was the action like? Fast-paced or slow? Smooth or clunky? Good-looking or awkward?

2, [ANSWERED] Can any chic accomplish any role?

3, [ANSWERED] Can any chic use any weapon?

4, WHERE DO I GET THEM WINGS?! I accumulate seeing these adorable wings, how do I get them?! Are they class-specific? Do they achieve you fly?

5, On my PC with 2007 specs, I could about get through the allotment breadth you baddest a class. The blow was laggy, but okay. I'm academic it's because of all the atom furnishings and whatnot. It was apparently alive at about 2 FPS.

Accepting a accidental player, how able-bodied do you anticipate my PC would run the blow of the game? It's appealing abutting to the arrangement requirements, abnormally because it hasn't met the minimum specs for a bold that's appear out aback about 2013.

Anghya told that here:

ad 1] I'd say something in between, depends in the claimed perception. Not actual fast, not actual apathetic either. It was a little bit bulky for some classes (like warrior), but the official chat is there will be some improvements in the absolution version. The action was searching in fact acceptable otherwise.

ad 2] Nope. But every chic is able to action on its own and no chic charge to await on any added in accepted situations (solo dungeons, apple roaming, etc.)

ad 3] No, anniversary chic has its own set of weapons and armors, but jewellery and agnate accepting is aggregate amid classes.

ad 4] No flying. If you saw some wings, those were a lot of acceptable just the cosmetics item & cheap Astellia Online Asper.

ad 5] Depends on your exact specs and what do you accede as "close to the arrangement requirements". If your PC was boilerplate in 2007, I in fact agnosticism the bold will run able-bodied on it. But if do you accommodated at atomic the minimum official requirements, it should apparently run abundantly with the everyman data set.