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​Astellia Online - Is Astellia already dying

news Nov-06-2019

​Astellia Online - Is Astellia already dying

I apple-pie my block account every few canicule and none of the names that was on it ahead shows back, so that agency they are either banned or deleted. I've gone through a few areas breadth bots common a few times actuality afresh (cheap Astellia Online Asper working on maxing every acquisition skill) and haven't apparent the bot parties I appear afore (trying all channels), so either banned or deleted.

There accept been a lot of fixes that accept aswell been done; no MMO will anytime bead a application that automatically fixes every bug that crops up, it consistently takes time; hell EverQuest had just beforehand this year anchored a brace of bugs that were present aback the barrage of the game.....20 years later, so maybe accord these devs a little time.

They said even afore the preorder packs were appear that they were traveling to authority Avalon and Legendary Dungeons aback at barrage until they are abiding majority of the servers were accessible for them. At endure address Avalon is appointed for this ages and T2 Legendaries are aswell on their way.

Personally I abhorrence roadmaps aback afresh players such as yourself throws fits if something crops up that makes the devs aberrate from it. Alone I adopt the "It will be appear if it is ready" approach; gives them a little added elbowroom to hopefully bolt any bold breaking bugs from advancing with it.

Serously agnosticism that will anytime happen; at best we can achievement for circumstantial releases.

The account was they are acquisitive to accept them out by the end of the year; not abiding why annihilation added than that needs to be said until they are accessible for release.

Personalyl they charge to delay until Avalon to plan on PvP Antithesis aback that is the capital PvP affection that humans are cat-and-mouse for. A lot of of the citizenry apparently wouldn't even apprehension if the Arena was to be removed.


Yeah citizenry is decreasing, but Astellia is accepting new players all the time also. The brotherhood I am in keeps growing, and on the boilerplate every 3-4th getting is anyone new to the game. Astellia was never traveling to be a almanac breaking mega-MMO; no one out there anytime accepted it to be, but it is a solid MMO and one that I feel has what it takes to be about for abounding years. So I would say No, Astellia is not dying.