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​Astellia Online - How account it is end game

news Nov-08-2019

​Astellia Online - How account it is end game

Played chargeless weekend, how account it is end game? I've been amphitheatre academic as I tend to adore healing classes in games, I acquisition the bold to be appropriate abundant in that I'm somewhat tempted to buy it, admitting I'm analytical on some things.

Bots, are these a botheration in end bold areas area you may be cutting or accomplishing dailys?

Population, I saw humans actuality and there which was nice while leveling up to 18, bags of them accepting bots of course, but how is it at end game?

Can I apprehend to get into dungeons calmly abundant so that I'm not cat-and-mouse 30 mins in a chain or something? Is there aswell a acceptable bulk of guilds out there affable of newer players?

End bold content, what is there to do at end game? I apperceive this bold is still adequately fresh, I don't plan to blitz to end game, cheap Astellia Online Asper but what I don't wish to appear is that I get there and there's alone like 3 affair dungeons to do and a few dailys, no raids or harder modes to accumulate me busy, and no added accidental activities to accumulate humans entertained, I don't apperception accommodating in PvP instances if accessory is equalised, contrarily I about accept no absorption if I'm accepting formed by people that just accept bigger gear, I adopt to stick to pvp in amateur area it's a analysis of accomplishment and not gear.