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Astellia Online - Dungeon/Party Quality of Action suggestions

news Oct-14-2019

Astellia Online - Dungeon/Party Quality of Action suggestions

After active a amount of dungeons, I've appear beyond a few things that I anticipate would advice beforehand the affair alcove experience. If aggregate goes according to plan on a individual alcove run, there isn't much. It's if things go alfresco that box area things get a little clunky.

If I'm missing any blazon of functionality in my critique, amuse let me know. These account are not absolutely my own, just suggestions based on added MMOs I've played area the acumen are simple abundant to never be an issue, acceptance for added focus on absolute bold play.

Allow use of the analogous functionality for alcove replay

The matchmaking functionality works abundant in that it has a congenital in attainable analysis afore accumulating the group. It'd be alarming to accept this functionality present if rerunning a dungeon. Instead of the accumulation baton and anybody abroad traveling through a agglomeration of hoops just to get aback int he dungeon, let the affair baton blaze up analogous for the dungeon, which would automatically put up the acceptance window (since the affair is already full). If the absolute affair is ready, afresh the alcove automatically resets and the affair is beatific to the alpha to go again.

If anyone does not confirm, afresh the accumulation basic fails. At this point, the accepting not acknowledging can accept to leave or the affair baton can abolish them. Afresh they can chain up afresh searching for the actual members. Any affair affiliate afterwards abundant tickets auto declines with a bulletin advertence so.

This would abridge what is a affectionate of bulky process. Yes, it's simple if you apperceive what to do. But it aswell has the ancillary account of preventing affair associates from accidentally entering the abandoned adaptation of the dungeon, crumbling tickets.

Allow use of analogous functionality to ample spots in a alcove already in progress

Had this appear the added day. One affiliate of the affair was afk and aloft for several minutes. They were kicked from the group. But afterward, we couldn't use analogous or affair application to get anyone abroad to ample the spot.

Thankfully one of the affair associates had a guildie join. We apparently could accept 3 manned it, but that shouldn't be the adopted way to handle anyone bottomward from the group.

Ability to /invite {player name} and/or beforehand allure for non affair leaders.

In the aloft example, the affair affiliate with the guildie wasn't the leader. They told the baton to allure the player. The baton admitting wasn't able to allure them through an /invite command. The baton had to alteration administration to the added amateur who could afresh allure the gulidie through the babble ambience menus. A alive /invite command would go a continued way as able-bodied accepting the adeptness for a non affair baton to beforehand an allure of a amateur that the affair baton just confirms.

Make all non cocky buffs automatically administer to all affair associates and astels.

Yeah, maybe this is a little lazy. But spending a agglomeration of globals just to addict every affair affiliate and their astels afresh just seems clunky. One bang gets the buffs out Astellia Online Asper for sale. Aswell makes it easier to brushoff should the affair clean or specific associates die.

Tickets should not be captivated if re-entering a completed dungeon

This has happened to me a brace of times now. I bright the dungeon, leave, afresh use the chance window to alpha again... except I forgot to reset, so I admission the alcove already completed and ashen alcove tickets. I should be able to enter/re-enter a completed alcove afterwards accepting to absorb tickets no aggregate which way I admission it.

Thanks for listening.