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​Astellia Online - Chic diversity, skill diversity and bloat

news Oct-21-2019

​Astellia Online - Chic diversity, skill diversity and bloat

I anticipate the diversity is severly defective in this game. I play a academic and about every new skill i get is the aforementioned as an earlier skill, maybe with the change that i charge to dot the ambition aboriginal for added accident or accept to apathetic it aboriginal for added damage. skill animations are actual blant too.

The activity i get from this bold is aloft skill bloat. The abilities aswell dont get abundant added powerful. For classic on my archer one of the aboriginal abilities ia s 5 hit combo.

Afresh at lvl 20 or so you get addition skill thats EXACTLY the same, a 5 hit combo. Instead of advance the old skill, you get a new one that has a altered cooldown, does about the aforementioned damage, but needs to be placed about on your hotbar.

The air-conditioned downs are aswell so random, that you deceit appropriately alternation skills. For classic on academic you charge to apathetic a ambition to incresse the accident of the added skill.

The apathetic has a cd of 12s, the beforehand skill 7s. No way to consistently admixture them. Half the time you accord beneath accident with the dps skill or youre sitting on your apathetic for 5s.

With action accepting acutely one of the amateur capital credibility of existence, why isnt it fun to use skills? Instead of 15 acceptable abilities we get 30 characterless skills.

The buffing is annoying to say the least, the affair interface is in fact horrible.

We deceit even change the admeasurement of the debuff bar, authoritative it harder to see if your own debuff/dot is still on the ambition or abutting to alive out.

Am i the alone one that feels like the bold is nice to attending at, Astellia Online Asper buying has in fact a lot of collectibles to accumulate (like pokemon, except its astel and commutual the star's tale), but has actual anemic combat?