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​Astellia Online - Brotherhood arrangement and Avalon issues

news Nov-28-2019

​Astellia Online - Brotherhood arrangement and Avalon issues

CBT-2's purpose is a assay of avalon gameplay. So, me with my mates planned to accompany avalon all calm as a guild.

But there is asinine brake for joining: " This brotherhood already has a faction. You can't accompany if you don't accept a band or are allotment of addition faction. "

It means, that there are absolutely two agency to play calm as a guild:

1) You are not about avalon at all and cipher enters avalon. Moreover you bind your guildmates to accompany it because of point 2.

2) You are about avalon and there is a brainless action for all players who wish to join: they charge to accept a luck to be broadcast to absolutely the aforementioned band as a brotherhood was. Contrarily they can't accompany to you.

Don't you anticipate that it's a abominable idea? Humans wish to play together. And you accomplish it acutely difficult for them to do this. Avalon is the abandoned brotherhood action present in the bold (and it stills poor as a brotherhood activity).

But it makes us to play a action with factions. And even if you wish to accept a brotherhood just for chatting with mates - you eventually accommodated these restrictions about avalon factions.

This affair makes this CBT abortive for guilds. We are mostly PvP-oriented brotherhood and there are just no agreeable for us.