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​Astellia Online - Assassin accomplishment clunkiness

news Oct-07-2019

​Astellia Online - Assassin accomplishment clunkiness

Assassin accomplishment clunkiness - or am I accomplishing something wrong? I'm arena an Assassin (currently akin 12) and the action just... feels off to me. Abilities do not feel as if they blaze off correctly.

While I am at plan and cannot log in to accord specific examples with accomplishment names, one such accident is the activity of the "throw dagger" accomplishment against the multi-strike admixture accomplishment breadth you birr about your adversary (kind of the like Demon Hunter brand ball accomplishment in W0W).

Throw artful consistently fires off anon if it is off cooldown, but with the "blade dance," and with added abilities like the "backstab" and the "do added accident if the ambition has a drain on them" skill, I will columnist them and the accomplishment will chain on the screen, but acquaint me that the accomplishment cannot be used. I afresh acquire to columnist the accomplishment again, Astellia Online Asper or sometimes assorted times, to accomplish it blaze off.

I advised arrangement lag, but it does not assume to be occurring in any added bold or accessory on my network, and accepting like loading, interacting with NPCs, windows, logging in, etc. assume fine. It is not due to a abridgement of MP, GCD, or proximity from the target. I apperceive some Assassin abilities absorb Edges but the argument does not assume to announce they are required, just that Edges accommodate added accident or specific added effects, like a stun.

Given that the accomplishment figure will arise assimilate the awning as if queued if the button is apprenticed while accession accomplishment is activating or the GCD is traveling on, but afresh not blaze off until I columnist the button afresh (and say that the accomplishment is "unavailable"), it makes me anticipate the accomplishment queueing arrangement is not alive properly.

1, Is anyone abroad experiencing this issue? I was clumsy to acquisition any letters through Google and appointment searching.

2, Also, any thoughts/suggestions/tips for removing/reducing this problem?