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​Astellia Online - AO CBT1 impressions

news Oct-18-2019

​Astellia Online - AO CBT1 impressions

Astellia Online CBT1 impressions. What I anticipation of Astellia afterwards 6 canicule of gameplay.

First off and foremost, I apperceive the complaint that anybody will accept about this game, is that it feels Generic. Which is yes, true. I anticipate admitting that a lot of humans are throwing this down as a massive issue, breadth as the abstraction abaft the bold is that All-encompassing is array of the Point. Astellia is accepting accustomed and answer as a Classical MMO, the abstraction is to accompany aback the archetypal feel and appearance of MMOs, and get abroad from all the bling and quirks, and gimmicks that accept appear out over the years.

If this was Barunsons' goal, again so far they accept done well.

# Basics

The bold does feel generic, which is to be accepted as we've done the aforementioned basal things that appealing abundant every MMO bases itself on for the accomplished 18+ years.

That accepting said the bold feels easy, basic, and comfortable. It has acceptable animal comforts and quirks that plan well. Like burning mounting, and Autopathing that works absolute well. WASDQE movement, and a lot of accessability settings.

It's just Comfortable, is a abundant way to explain the game. It's simple to play, simple basal architecture elements, accepted and accustomed gameplay that you will anon apperceive how to play already you log in. It's comfortable.

# Performance

The bold does not run at absolute top anatomy ante except in abandoned dungeons, but one activity that can be said is that it does run smoothly. A lot of games, abnormally korean MMOs, will run a actual shitty framerates, but aswell do so with a lot of hiccups and struggling, with abhorrent framepacing and things that accomplish the low framerate harder to tolerate. Astellia does not accept this problem.

The bold runs stably, and admitting accepting lower framerates feels good, bland and proper. Compared to Blade and Soul, this bold runs like a god accursed dream. 30FPS in BnS feels like 10FPS, and looks like 10FPS. 30FPS in Astellia feels as bland as 60FPS for the a lot of part, and does not ache ascribe problems due to low anatomy rate. The academy the framerate, the bigger the bold feels. It's absolute nice. The bold has problems with stutters and hangs, and doesn't run flawlessly, but it is stable, and works as you apprehend it to work.

In the 6 1/2 canicule that I've played it, it didn't blast once.

For advertence Hiccups and stutters are not adherence but rather enhancement issues. Adherence is in this case: crashing, freezing, acute lag spikes, and contrarily astringent interruptions or failures of of the bold client's operation.

The bold alone seems to dribble if loading, or demography screenshots, Contrarily it doesn't blast or charge to be restarted every few hours to advance performance. No anamnesis aperture problems, no apathetic downs, no crashing, no UAC crashes. The alone run time activity I accept with the bold is the alternation with OBS. For some reason, affectation or window abduction with OBS acutely hampers abrasion input. GameCapture will not abduction the game.

Almost every individual MMO I accept anytime approved has crashed, arctic up, or contrarily presented astringent problems with the game's loading or operation or accepting interupted during UAC(such as Spybot absent to update), aural a day or 2 of playing.

Many will crave restarts assorted times.

Astellia so far has yet to blast or benumb on me, or slowdown. Even afterwards I went on an harder drive charwoman bacchanalia uninstalling old games. I had abandoned I had larboard the bold running, and came aback to apprehend the bold was still there and hadn't been disconnected yet.

# Graphics

The cartoon are abnormally altered to itself. Initially this bold looked like TERA or Black Desert online depending on which breadth you're in, but at the aforementioned time it in fact doesn't attending like either. The bold is attractive on best settings, and holds to it's own appearance absolute well. It's been aggravation me for canicule as to what bold this a lot of looks like, and in fact I can't say it looks 100% like one bold or another. It's a admixture of FF14, TERA, and Prius Online with a burst of BDO. But at the aforementioned time, not searching anon like any of them.

Normally with Cartoon settings I blitz to a busy breadth or into a just alfresco the city-limits breadth and alpha messing with cartoon settings until I acquisition the ambience that runs at the best FPS afterwards authoritative the bold attending admired dogshit. I spent hours and hours testing Cartoon settings in TERA, and BnS, and never could get the bold to not attending like ass and play well. With Astellia though?

I kept just putting the sliders aback up to maximum, and angry off a few data I didn't like, like motion blur, abyss of field, bloom, lense effect, ect. But I kept Anti Aliasing, column processing and SSAO on.(Shadow settings 3 because this produced the a lot of constant shadows)

The bold runs bland abundant to accumulate the cartoon up, afterwards it activity god abominable to play.

The bold doesn't assume to wish to address to the Asian/Anime group, admitting accepting Korean. The bold is thoroughly built-in in European ballad and fantasy branch appearances. Added so than I expected. Infact if you've anytime apprehend the Redwall alternation books, this is somewhat evocative of the medieval ambience in the Redwall series. It's got it's own charm, and it's abode afar from TERA, W0W, FF14, GW2, and others. It absolute abundant feels like a bit European Mythology, European Zodiac, and aggressive by a "Human" ancillary of Redwall's fantasy world.

# Audio

The music is appealing incredible. A lot of MMOs you accept to the music a few annual and again about-face it off and bandy on whatever tunes you got on spotify or youtube. Aforementioned activity here, except the complete clue actuality is in fact able-bodied done, and feels appealing admirable to accept to. Anniversary area's activity seems fitting. Some of the songs got ashore in my head. It is a absolute Western apple aggressive soundtrack, and doesn't assume to accept any Asian inspiration. But eventually, you'll about-face it off like every added MMO. Just how it goes, at atomic for me anyways.

While the Music is great, the Articulation overs are not. The articulation overs, abnormally Pieces, is fucking ANNOYING. I don't in fact accept why this capital like appearance is consistently answer for shit, but she needs to STOP. The choir are loud, and while there's options to blend with audio, there is no advantage to shut the astells up in combat. So you'll be graced with haaaaa!! and HIYAA!!! in like changeable tones. It's a bit annoying.

# Appearance Customization

Holy Jesus, The appearance customization sliders. This bold has added sliders than BDO and maybe BnS combined. The've got a abounding breadth committed to ears. EARS! The bold doesn't accept specific breadth focuses like say, BDO's arrangement does, but they actually accept added advantage with the arduous bulk of sldier options you can tweak.

This is the affectionate of bold you can get absent in the appearance architect for a few canicule and actualize some absolute acceptable and admirable searching characters, or be a broadcast and accomplish some aberrant ass broadcast characters that ruin added people's immersion.

I'll accord their appearance architect an A. Appealing impressive.

# Action Systems

The albatross in the Room though, The Astell arrangement assiduity the combat.

Does it work? Yes. It's not as accelerated as say the Anima arrangement was in Prius Online, but the arrangement is finer added accepted abilities based on summons. A bit like the Warlock pet arrangement in W0W.

It's basic, and gives a amateur abyss to play with. It will present a claiming in PVP, and in PVE it doesn't do too abundant in agreement of accession and recalling. It feels like the Ranger pet arrangement in GW2, but with out pet swaps. The astell arrangement uses an activity beat to accumulate astells summoned. 1 Astell will not cesspool your meter, but 2 will and 3 will bankrupt it quickly. So you accept to accept how and breadth and if astells will be used, buy Astellia Online Asper and again de-summon them.

They're absorbing to play with and I feel like this will be a able point of action abyss for PVP, and will accommodate a ample accomplishment gap.

Combat itself is accepted activity tab ambition with no absolute gimmicks. Afterwards the astells its basically just like the middleground amid FF14 and GW2. The bold relies on axis ratios, and has faster GCD combat, and some abilities angle you in place. But there is a Contrivance system. It's accepted TABTarget, but not too boring. It's abutting to GW2's accepted combat(original system) if you played a Ranger, but with way added abilities.

# Summary

I will alarm the bold a Solid start, and a acceptable belvedere for traveling advanced if the devs will focus on accumulation content, and the afraid to their roots idea.

My bigger activity with the bold isn't in fact in the bold at all. No my bigger activity adapted now is a few details.

1, That humans will falsely agree this bold to Absolve through acquisitive at straws. This bold has annihilation to do with Absolve and has a absolute altered goal, and is fabricated by a abundant altered company. But humans are consistently calling this absolve 2.0 and they're overextension misconceptions about the bold for no reason. The bold needs to be accomplished afar from Bless's bullshittery. Yes Absolve fucked up bad, but Barunson is not NeoWiz, and Astellia is not Bless. The alone activity they in fact allotment in accepted is the Buy To Play model.

2, Absolution date assumptions. With Shadowbringers, and W0W archetypal advancing up, and PSO2's PC advertisement this game's absolution date is in fact adverse timing. It's affected to be September, ambit but we're not sure. I anticipate the bold may just accept a in fact bad case of accepting at the amiss abode at the amiss time.