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​Astellia Online - Aboriginal impressions afterwards 10 lvls

news Nov-21-2019

​Astellia Online - Aboriginal impressions afterwards 10 lvls

The good

1. Bold runs appealing calmly in 4k and looks eye-pleasing.

2. The cartoon options change on the fly, no needs to restart the client, thats a nice feature.

3. The abilities are actual acknowledging and targeting is decent.

4. I adulation the friendly/enemy ambition synergy - never apparent that in an mmo, absolutely accessible for healer classes.

5. The UI is able-bodied designed, hardly anytime does one access a new mmo afterwards millions of things just spamming the screen.

6. The questing is beeline and not tedious.

The bad

1. I didn't like the actual bound bulk of account slots on a character.

2. The contrivance on a appearance seems off.

3. Ability be nice if they added adversary plates/name fonts customization or an advantage to about-face them off or alone see the targeted ones.

All in all, a absolutely appropriate acquaintance for a CBT, the appellation looks able and I am giving it the account of the doubt, I can run a account superior of activity exceptional fee, like a bendable cable but I can faculty a p2win appellation from afar away, and if Astelia is the case, I am aboriginal to uninstall.