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​Astellia Online - A few quick questions from a newcomer

news Nov-24-2019

​Astellia Online - A few quick questions from a newcomer

Since anybody that I've talked to agrees that Gearing up and Advance your accessory is a above focus of the end game, I was apprehensive about a few things if it comes to Gear, like...

- Is accessory disconnected to the archetypal Robe for Mage/Healer, Ablaze for Assassin/Archer , Heavy for the Catchbasin ?

- Are the capital apparatus Crafted or Dropped from Dungeons?

- Is the Accessory bead arrangement Need/Greed blazon of arrangement area you can alone cycle on the accessory bare for your chic in Dungeons, or anybody can accept a adventitious to get any blazon of Gear?

- Are Accessory drops tradable/marketable ?

- What's an boilerplate Aggregation agreement for a dungeon? Is it like : 1 Catchbasin 1 Healer 3 DPS ?

Thank you upfront, I'm abiding I will acquisition out the answers to all of those questions myself at some point, but aback the bold takes consistently to download I just capital to acquaint a little bit with you all.