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​Astellia Online - A axiological flaw

news Nov-25-2019

​Astellia Online - A axiological flaw

I feel that the Astel arrangement in its accepted architecture has a axiological blemish that will massively aching the abeyant advance of this game.

The above botheration is that eventually, you will accept a accouter of your admired Astels as 5-stars and afresh be done with it.

You may now ask: how is that altered to maxing out your accessory for the accepted meta?

Simple: Accessory can consistently be replaced by hardly bigger accessory in a approaching amplification or new agreeable update. With Astels, it's not that easy.

Astels are meant as a way to adapt your playstyle. They accommodate synergy furnishings with your hero that you can architecture your combos around. In a way, Astels are just an addendum of your appearance in the aforementioned way a aptitude timberline is.

By the architecture of the Astel system, no Astel is accustomed to be added able than any other. They are all meant to be choices, anticipate of them as sidegrades instead of upgrades (and yes, I apperceive that there are altered types of Astels; but the botheration still charcoal the same). Eventually, you will acquisition the appropriate Astels for your playstyle and stick with them. And afresh abstain aggregate else.

Astels ache from the aforementioned botheration as collectible agenda games:

As anon as you get that "perfect" deck, you don't affliction about new cards anymore, authoritative new agreeable updates irrelevant.

Collectible Agenda Amateur usually go with two accessible means to abstain that problem:

- Accomplish new cards artlessly stronger than beforehand cards ("Power creep")

- Introduce cards as allotment of "seasons" and afresh consistently abolish old cards to accumulate the arrangement alpha (Basically what Alliance of Legends and Hearthstone do)

As you can see, both means are awry if it comes to MMO bold design. Demography the Astels that players farmed for months abroad from the amateur is a answerable way to accomplish them quit. Introducing new Astels that are acutely stronger than beforehand ones makes the beforehand ones irrelevant, which appealing abundant boils down to the aforementioned issue. Bethink that Astels are aswell a allotment of beheld customization. You just like that one loli that you purchased apparel for and wouldn't alter it with a bigger Astel, right? But that new Astel does the aforementioned and is bigger all around...

So how can we fix this?

The Astel arrangement needs something that can be broadcast on infinitely. Some affectionate of progression that allows players to still get accordant upgrades for their absolute Astels. A simple band-aid would be to acquiesce players to accouter Astels with equipment. That way even if a new amplification or agreeable advancement is released, there is consistently something to get for your admired Astels. In return, it would accomplish faculty to abolish the brilliant superior ratings for Astels, as they would ultimately aftereffect in the aforementioned affair (= "make it stronger").

This aswell absolutely finer removes the RNG basic of accepting Astels. Which is consistently a acceptable affair if you try to bazaar your bold to a western audience. It aswell provides a nice befalling to advance out abeyant rewards for new content releases.