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Albion Online - We allegation a coffer redesign

Tell me if anyone abroad has this complaint: the coffer is clumsy and annoying to use. To move something, you accept to bang and annoyance it or about-face bang it.

Shift beat drops the account into the aboriginal accessible slot, authoritative it a lot of Albion Online Gold plan to abstracted amid builds in the coffer or abstracts in the coffer (see one of the top posts in this Reddit about acclimation mats).

On top of that, boring getting from the top of the coffer to the basal is a mess. You accept to either move it 4 rows at a time afresh annal and echo or yield it out of the coffer and into your inventory, them put it aback in (clicking and dragging, don't about-face bang or it starts over).

Here's what I propose: accept a tab system. Attending at diablo 3, I had a page that was all my mats, a page that was a characters applicable physique options, a page of accessory sets I was alive on, a page of accidental getting that I anticipation may anytime be useful, etc. I anticipate that was a in actuality affected solution.

I'd advance an UI redesign tbh. It's a bit blatant and added ambagious than it needs ot be. A few edits actuality and there should accompany some clarity.

Why does the UI allegation an redesign? I anticipate its in actuality acceptable and its simple to use.

I don't beggarly the all-embracing argumentation of it, just the graphics, just so it's clearer to see the values/text, etc. I'd aswell like to apperceive if there is a colourblind mode, or if there are any intentions of abacus one in the abreast future.

The devs accept heard requests for this aback I started amphitheatre the bold a brace years ago. Annihilation new here, just gotta delay for them to adjudge to agenda it.

Admittedly they've fabricated a lot of improvements over the accomplished year. Bold is abundant better, so I accept faith.

FYI - A fix for the affective account further down into inv afterwards accepting to grab, place, annal , grab , repeat.

You can aces things up in inv with appropriate click. Just appropriate bang to grab your account and annal with it still held.

We allegation a complete redesign of the UI to be honest. It is absolutely terrible. Apple of warcraft has one of the affliction bargain houses and it is still bigger in abounding aspects. You can´t even shift-click items to adhesive them into the seek bar.

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