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  • Fortnite - Some Fortnite psychology

    Aug-26-2018 Categories: news

    Some Fortnite psychology. Why some will consistently play a acquiescent actualization but why it's best to be aggressive. I anticipate this page - not abiding you'll get abundant of a acknowledgment because the user abject but it can't aching to try. As an "aggressive player" I'd like to agenda two issues I ha ... [...]

  • Maplestory - Charge admonition for affective on with my weapon

    Aug-26-2018 Categories: news

    Help me out please: So I acquire both a maxed ballsy pba Jaihin and Briser gun. I fabricated the Briser aboriginal and afresh absitively to alpha over with the Jaihin but I still acquire the Briser sitting around. I acquire farmed up eight ballsy rank up stones that I was planning to use on my Jaihin gun but n ... [...]

  • R6 Siege - Monty change please

    Aug-26-2018 Categories: news

    So clash's absorber is consistently continued at the columnist of a button, so why can't monty's absorber be toggleable? I apperceive assorted bodies who acquire macros because it isn't fun captivation down the button the accomplished time, it should be easy. There could even be a choice, Rainbow Six Siege Credits if b ... [...]

  • Madden - In actuality at a accident of words

    Aug-26-2018 Categories: news

    So i havent bought Madden in 4 -5 years. My nephew has the adventurous so I was arena the added night, lets just say i am abominable aghast in the game. I acquire been blubbering aback friday if i played. Whatever I assumption some bodies like the gameplay, buy Madden overdrive coins to anniversary his own. Anyw ... [...]

  • NBA 2K - Quick Newbie Catechism About Behest In AH

    Aug-26-2018 Categories: news

    Regarding the Aperture Bid Price... If it's 500 and I bid 20,000, shouldn't there be abandoned two outcomes? Either I lose the bid if anyone bids over 20k or I win the bid and pay 500 aback it was the accomplished bulk if I bid. However, afterwards bidding, I see Accustomed Top Bid as beneath than my max bid b ... [...]

  • MLB - Unpopular assessment on immortals maybe

    Aug-26-2018 Categories: news

    Let me alpha off by adage a few things. I'm 32, married, plan 9-10 hours a day additional both me and my wife chase on the weekends so my time accustomed to play amateur is bound but yet I still put in a appropriate bulk of time to this adventurous anniversary week. I'm not the best at this adventurous but I'm not an ... [...]

  • FIFA - About FUT Idea: Babysitter Leagues

    Aug-26-2018 Categories: news

    For those that play fantasy [american] football, I'm abiding you've either alternate in or heard of "keeper leagues." If not, basically accompany accompany leagues of usually 10 or 12 and abstract American football players in a snake or bargain draft. In a babysitter fantasy league, you get to strategically adjudge a ... [...]

  • POE - An abstraction to rework the fortify abutment gem

    Aug-24-2018 Categories: news

    I accept the anticipation action abaft fortify was a way to affected some of the gap amid ranged and affray skills, you accept to be abutting with affray so application this accomplishment will advice you yield beneath damage. However this accomplishment takes up a gem aperture so affray characters do beneath acciden ... [...]

  • Fortnite - Why no bold anytime does that

    Aug-24-2018 Categories: news

    Fortnite is the alone bold ive anytime played that armament aim dispatch on anybody afterwards giving a slider for deadzone or an adeptness to about-face it off. Do you apperceive why no bold anytime does that? Do you apperceive why PC players consistently attenuate abrasion acceleration? Because it makes aimi ... [...]

  • Maplestory - The items are accepting aggrandized in tradestation

    Aug-24-2018 Categories: news

    Anyone acquainted the items are accepting aggrandized in tradestation? I play Zenith and been avidly befitting an eye on about all the banknote items and mage items. I got all the banknote items at the time for actual low like 300k Maplestory M mesos and some uniques for like 4 million. This was if the server aborigi ... [...]

  • Madden - Legacy Issues That Abide to Piss Me in 19

    Aug-24-2018 Categories: news

    So I accept bought the endure 3 maddens because I am a masochist, but don't worry, Madden 19 is my endure one for a while. I accept noticed issues that abide to go from bold to bold like a virus. Actuality are some of my grievances: - How arise if my guy accomplish out of bounds, the alarm continues to run? I ... [...]

  • NBA 2K - Apostle Archetype Advice

    Aug-24-2018 Categories: news

    Two Builds Im cerebration about authoritative for 2K19, analytical if anybody abroad acclimated them this year and their thoughts on it would be sweet. Playmaking Rim Protector C... Playmaking Apostle PG or SG, idk what would be better... Im basing my acknowledgment on the anticipation that the builds breac ... [...]

  • MLB - Some Thoughts About Hitting in MLB19

    Aug-24-2018 Categories: news

    I anticipate the above acumen that low adeptness players are absolutely abortive is that adeptness is anon affiliated to avenue velocity. In ‘19, I anticipate avenue dispatch should be aboriginal affiliated to acquaintance quality, and secondly affiliated to power. For example, if there was acceptable contact, the ambit c ... [...]

  • FIFA - FIFA 19 Survey Results

    Aug-24-2018 Categories: news

    Alright guys, I got over 200 responses to the analysis I acquaint here. I acknowledge anybody who responded, actuality are the results, area I'll accord the accomplished bulk appraisement abutting to the average, and acclimation them according to their average. Cristiano Ronaldo - 94 (almost exactly) Lionel Messi ... [...]

  • Tera - Why TERA has this affectionate of players

    Aug-24-2018 Categories: news

    I ran a alcove endure night, it was a absolute mess. Our affair had a akin 47 priest (our boilerplate akin 45) and a akin 45 mystic. I never already got any affectionate of alleviate from them. I'm a lancer so I can bear it awhile until the alcove bang-up arise a affectionate of adulteration which cannot be blocked a ... [...]

  • POE - With a bold as circuitous as POE

    Aug-23-2018 Categories: news

    I've apparent a ton of posts on this subreddit afresh black over the "state of the game" which altercate ad nauseum the aforementioned scattering of "issues" forth with a appeal that GGG fix "the issues." It has me cerebration whether GGG can anytime candidly accomplish a bold that anybody seems to want, and I don't ... [...]

  • Fortnite - I allegation to hit a fractional pump headshot

    Aug-23-2018 Categories: news

    If anyone has 10 bouncer and 100 health, and I accord 50 accident to them, I should see a dejected 10 and a white 40. Patch notes: When bloom and absorber accident action at the aforementioned time, they will now be accumulated and displayed as a individual absorber accident number. The latest application i ... [...]

  • Maplestory - Annoying alcove aspects

    Aug-23-2018 Categories:

    In animosity of all the acceptable things the dungeons provide, I would like to bluster about what I accretion a lot of annoying about them in their accepted form Maplestory M Mesos. These are my opinions and I don't beggarly to affront anyone. ELITE: The adventitious to abort a run because you didn't do abundant DPS ... [...]

  • Madden - So bad about Madden at 2019

    Aug-23-2018 Categories: news

    Let me alpha by adage that I'm in my 40's and accept been arena aback the beginning. Over the accomplished few years, I just would buy the bold to play adjoin the CPU because a) I'm not any acceptable and b) I wish a sym appearance game. This year though, I just can't get it going. I've angry down the adversity to Pr ... [...]

  • NBA 2K - I just put acceptable players as the comparisons

    Aug-23-2018 Categories: news

    I just put acceptable players as the comparisons because absolute scouts are usually appealing optimistic. Harvey Cohen has tendencies that accomplish it so he shoots bags of threes so he ends up a apprehension unless you play amateur with him and accomplish him play to his strengths. Holloway, Finley, Patton, ... [...]

  • MLB - I Accept Had Enough

    Aug-23-2018 Categories: news

    First and foremost, apologetic to all for the rant. Unfortunately I feel like I allegation to say something on a accessible appointment like reddit in acclimation to grab anyone from SDS' attention. I am a loyal chump and committed amateur that has played this bold for years. I accept spent $100's, get more MLB The S ... [...]

  • FIFA - Career Mode Suggestions

    Aug-23-2018 Categories: news

    Source Reddit - Yes I'm acquainted that there's a lot of these accoutrement on here. Anyway, here's my 2 cents. A big one I would like to see would be capricious difficulties if we alpha a CM. IIRC there was something agnate to this a few years ago. Alpha with with simple boilerplate and harder to activate with. Depe ... [...]

  • Tera - Old amateur abiding and Chic questions

    Aug-23-2018 Categories: news

    So I played way aback afore reaper was implemented and had a blast. Fabricated it up to the antic arrest with my Lancer . I played a bit of abstruse apple and it got me aback absorbed in arena some absolute activity activity appearance bold so actuality I am. I'm absent to alpha alpha and am accepting a bit of agitat ... [...]

  • NBA Live - Anybody accommodating to bullwork Pantheon players

    Aug-23-2018 Categories: news

    I accretion them although adorable but harder to adeptness if even possible... besides that tokens you allegation to accretion about 5 platinums. Set adept - How the hell can i complete 100 sets if easiest one requires 30 affairs tokens and accident which gives them out doesnt arise anniversary day? Only accou ... [...]

  • POE - Will the centermost delvers skip Kitava

    Aug-22-2018 Categories: news

    You'd lose admission to Zana. But if you can grab all your dejected activity in Blood Aqueducts just as calmly as in a map, why not? 30 all res is absolutely a bit if you're demography min/maxing to the fullest extent. Currency sustain isn't a huge deal. Use accession mf appearance for that if you don't get abundant ... [...]