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  • R6 Siege - Why are humans so baneful in console

    Aug-29-2018 Categories: news

    I accept 1k hours on pc and don't in actuality accept abundant agitation with baneful players in casual. But afresh my brother gave me his old breathing so I could play with him and I've put in about 8 hours in so far and about every bold me or anyone abroad gets tk'ed or kicked for no reason. Example: I've gotten tk ... [...]

  • Madden - I afresh put the amateur in a abstract class

    Aug-29-2018 Categories: news

    What is your adopted adjustment of accomplishing a career mode? I abhorrence just acrimonious 1st round, boilerplate round, backward round, and un-drafted. It's bruised and apathetic and I can't accept that afterwards years that's still all the options for if you just actualize a player. So endure night out of ... [...]

  • NBA 2K - I adeptness be a abscessed loser

    Aug-29-2018 Categories: news

    I adeptness be a abscessed loser, I like to anticipate not because I've apparent both sides, but I cannot advice but anticipate that accomplished 2k teams get nerfed from time to time. It doesn't bulk what classic my antagonism is, or his overall, because I accept apparent 75 OVR amplitude fives who can outrebound and put m ... [...]

  • MLB - DD assuredly needs an analysis for 19 and beyond

    Aug-29-2018 Categories: news

    The capital botheration with the bold is gameplay as if the bold is not fun, DD in abstraction will not thrive, but that is not an affair I am adequate on talking about because of the charge of so abounding changes (buff adeptness by a agency of +20 to achieve 70 in 18 feel like 90 in 19 is a absolute fix). DD does n ... [...]

  • FIFA - What to do with their money

    Aug-29-2018 Categories: news

    Why do all humans acquaint anybody what to do with their money? All of youtube is abounding of videos that tells you not to buy this bold because of this and that but I don't accept why. Why can't you say "Hey guys, I am not traveling to buy this game..." instead of cogent humans what to do? And also, if humans say t ... [...]

  • NBA Live - My NBA Live 19 Pros and Cons

    Aug-29-2018 Categories: news

    Just feom reddit, allotment with you actuality - I've approved out all the modes on the audience and I've played a acceptable bulk of amateur now to accord my acknowledgment on the things added into this year's copy of NBA Live. Pros: Player movement may feel off to some newcomers, but I feel the amateur movem ... [...]

  • How does the PoE currency help and should you buy it

    Aug-29-2018 Categories: path of exile Tag: Path of Exile, POE Currency, PoE orbs, PoE items, MMOGO POE

    Path of Exile is basically an RPG 3D action game published by Grinding Gear Games. Path of Exile or in short POE are played to explore the various dungeons in the forms of story “Acts” which has a variety of initial classes or skills to choose. But every class starts with an initial starting point for the character to p ... [...]

  • POE - A few tips of arena summoners

    Aug-28-2018 Categories: news

    A few tips of my own from years of arena summoners: 1. Percent Activity Regen is the a lot of important affair for befitting amendment alive. They accept HP pools that ambit from ample (Zombies calmly are 10k PoE currency, and with a little investment 20k HP, and tanky 84 Spectres calmly get 50k+ HP). Simple sources ... [...]

  • Fortnite - I was in actuality absorbed for Fortnite on NS

    Aug-28-2018 Categories: news

    I was in actuality absorbed for Fortnite on the Nintendo About-face because I played it on my Mac during January in actuality enjoyed it, but if they added in the map amend it became unplayable. Months afterwards, I noticed that all of my accompany were arena Fortnite and I acquainted larboard out of the fun because the alo ... [...]

  • Maplestory - There is appeal for altered gear

    Aug-28-2018 Categories: news

    Merchants, can we yield about the batty bulk spike? I bought a brace of EVD boots at 15m and it rose to 21m in beneath than 24 hours. I'm not an bread-and-butter apprentice but this doesn't accept like a acceptable situtation to me. There is appeal for altered accessory but the bulk tag on them are so expensive. ... [...]

  • R6 Siege - Breadth Siege is their aboriginal PC shooter

    Aug-28-2018 Categories: news

    For a lot of humans like me breadth Siege is their aboriginal PC shooter, as able-bodied as aggressive shooter, a training approach would be in actuality beneficial. The actuality is, to get a acceptable at a bold like this, you in actuality charge to convenance on a lot of targets to get acceptable at assertive thin ... [...]

  • Madden - Just accomplished The Longshot

    Aug-28-2018 Categories: news

    By 213Bishop - Okay now I've played this three times, (not the adventure all-embracing but three altered sessions.) and they weren't too continued of a gameplay in the three attempts. We all apperceive the gameplay so lets cut through that BS and get adapted to the story. It's centered about already afresh Devin Wade ... [...]

  • NBA 2K - Some questions to Accurate Bottle Cleaners

    Aug-28-2018 Categories: news

    After arena as a Slashing Amplitude Five, I realised that I get 80% of fun from angry for the rebound, abnormally on abhorrent board. I am cerebration about absorption in fact on my adeptness to snag boards and creating Accurate GC (maybe Rebounder/Something) in 2k19, abnormally with that new takeover system. Few questions ... [...]

  • MLB - Conquest Destiny Is What

    Aug-28-2018 Categories: news

    Weak, and obscure. I will not do a lot of of it, for sure, but for humans who enjoyed Extreme, acceptable for you. Actuality are the tasks: Conquer Teams with Bird Mascots (Easy: Whenever, Medium: 8, Hard: 6) Conquer Endure 4 WS Champs (Easy: Whenever, Medium: 9, Hard: 7) ... and that's it (so far)! These b ... [...]

  • FIFA - How can an boilerplate amateur not absorb Fifa Points

    Aug-28-2018 Categories: news

    Fed up with EA and don't ambition to absorb Fifa credibility this yesr. So how does an boilerplate amateur like myself, who doesn't usually win DkTs or get in weekend league, how do I achieve a bigger team? I will apparently alpha out with brownish players and a gold or 2. Just wondering- humans say do Sbcs, but if y ... [...]

  • POE - Absolute Alcove will be a absolution for SSF

    Aug-27-2018 Categories: news

    In SSF advanced in maps feels like affliction already you hit red bank maps. If you do not absorb a huge bulk of time Shaper seems to be impossible. Once you one-shot aggregate in T10-15 maps, endgame administration like Shaper, Guardians, Uber Atziri or Uber Elder etc. are the abandoned absolute challenges that acco ... [...]

  • Fortnite - Season 5 Adventure Theory

    Aug-27-2018 Categories: news

    Okay over the accomplished 12 hours or so, we've had several things data-mined from the adventurous and acquaint assimilate this subreddit. Afterwards traveling over some of these, I acquire a approach of area the "story" is traveling in Season 5. With what we apperceive so far, Blockbuster was a accepting that wasn' ... [...]

  • Maplestory - Quiting aboriginal afore too late

    Aug-27-2018 Categories: news

    As of today, I absitively to abdicate maplestory m. Why? Because in the continued run, I feel I would leave this adventurous regardless, even admitting I adulation arena maple. Actuality is some affidavit why and I achievement it will either accomplish you to accrue arena or this will admonition you abdicate earlier. ... [...]

  • R6 Siege - Rainbow Six Siege and The AR-15

    Aug-27-2018 Categories: news

    In Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege, we currently acquire seven AR-15 variants, and two AR-10 variants. The R4-C (available to Ash) is a adapted M4 advised by Remington. It actualization an animated bulk of blaze and abundantly beneath barrel, in advance to accomplish a USSOCOM arrangement for a ablaze AR-15 actualiza ... [...]

  • Madden - Glitchiest adventurous I've played

    Aug-27-2018 Categories: news

    So bad... The glitches in this adventurous are plenty. Redskins(me) vs Saints(friend). I knew it was traveling to be bad if Alex Smith, accepted for accepting a bearcat and douse quarterback, threw to the collapsed and the brawl sails to the abuse amusement beeline to a Cornerback, who didn't even acquire to move to ... [...]

  • NBA 2K - Sometimes does not plan to any of you

    Aug-27-2018 Categories: news

    Does the controls and movement feel clunky, delayed, and sometimes doesn't plan to any of you? This year, I feel there's times I acquire in actuality aught ascendancy of what I wish to do. I acquire affluence of examples - Trying to backlash and ONLY acute triangle/Y but the amateur does a put aback and artery ... [...]

  • MLB - How to delay on pitches

    Aug-27-2018 Categories: news

    LPT Request. How to delay on pitches if aboriginal on everything. This is not a complaint column about the apathetic pitches and online hitting. I'm in actuality searching for admonition and some tips on how to delay just a few breach abnormal longer. To abridge my online hitting: I am about consistently actua ... [...]

  • FIFA - Some Teams will play in EL or CL this season

    Aug-27-2018 Categories: news

    Now with abandoned one annular larboard of the EL/CL qualfiers I thougth that I would amend you guys on all the teams that are larboard in the tournaments, and acquire a adventitious to play in the accumulation stages, that not yet acquire been accustomed to be in FIFA 19. Agenda that some of these teams can get appear toda ... [...]

  • NBA Live - Layups are not too easy

    Aug-27-2018 Categories: news

    Lol let's acquire a affable conversation. If we aboriginal betrayal kids to basketball, we advise them fundamentals and how advantageous a layup is aback it's a top allotment shot. Fast advanced to top academy with NBA Live Mobile Coins and now we see kids authoritative layups in traffic. Those that playe ... [...]

  • POE - I capital to ask about my alliance starter

    Aug-26-2018 Categories: news

    Just a Catechism I capital to ask about my alliance amateur do not upvote just some advice please. I've been debating on which actualization to use as a alliance starter. I've been arena aback the alpha of this alliance and apperceive abundant to bulk out how things plan but not abundant added above that like min-max ... [...]