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Second order with them for pool coins, I think I ordered a bit too early so this time it’s taking a bit longer, but still coming through with no problem, thanks a million MMOGO! 
May-06-2019, 14:40:00 PST
This is 100% legit . Im so happy I ordered my 8 ball pool coins . Thanks to aamir for the link in his description, I was scared at first but after I received my coins and was able to log back in my account and change my password I was happy. I recommend this 
May-06-2019, 10:45:37 PST

Legit Review,

My name is Marcus, I have used MMOGO for three different transactions for MLB the Show Stubs. Everytime that I have used them they have been fast and the support is great. 

However a discrepancy unfortunately arose early this morning when I ordered more stubs. I have been waiting for MMOGO to send my stubs for 12 hours now and have been told each time that it is processing.

HOWEVER, This one long time is due to that fact that I order an extra large amount of stubs this time.

I would say inorder to receive orders faster I would not spend over $60 or buy more than 300k stubs.

Other than this subtle error, I have enjoyed using MMOGO and will most likely continue to use in the future.


I think that this website could be even more prosperous if the developers were able to add an up to date approximation for how long your order will take if u buy X amount of items depending on the day.


May-05-2019, 00:25:33 PST
The site is very legit. I got my coins deleiverd yesterday
May-03-2019, 08:50:01 PST
This site was 1000%0legal ibaught an account of 1b coins they deliver this account to me within 2 hours
Apr-30-2019, 21:36:49 PST

Bought an 8 ball pool account with 500 coins a week ago because i didn’t wanna give my main login detaills and got it delivered pretty quick. 

This time i bought 1B coins on my main acc with 18 legendary cues and got them delivered within 5 hours as well. 

This site is a 110% legit

Apr-28-2019, 11:50:56 PST
Bought 500k Stub for the show. I was nervous at first but the communication was great and it took only about an hour an a half and the stubs were in my account. Great service definitely will be buying again. Thank you! 
Apr-28-2019, 05:48:26 PST

Ordered a account with 500m 8bp coins. Got it delivered within 2 hours. 

This site is legit

Apr-24-2019, 04:54:24 PST
Apr-16-2019, 21:51:45 PST
Hi My name is amit I brought 500 M coins today I was l'll worried however in 4 hrs my ac was updated with conins. Highly recommended.... Thanks
Feb-16-2019, 22:20:38 PST