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This is the best website
Jun-05-2019, 22:02:37 PST
Totally like It. First: The prize, I have seen a website that sells me 500M coins for 13$, In MMOGO I'm avle to buy 1 BILLION coins for a price difference of 5$. Second: Design, This website has a nice CSS and without login In you'll be able to see how Is your order. Third: Fast, I expected It to be done In 24 - 28 hours, I go to sleep and the next mooring It said "Delivery Completed" and when I get In the game It there was my billion coins, totally ready and my Facebook account was clean, nothing happened. - Thanks MMOGO
May-31-2019, 07:09:16 PST
good but took 13hours to get 2.1b mesos.
May-30-2019, 01:55:24 PST
Yen Zhuo
I hope they will restocked the R6 credits, Because i want to buy
May-29-2019, 04:38:42 PST
Хороший сервис)
May-28-2019, 08:50:27 PST

de verdad es un sitio 100 porciento recomendable cumplieron con darme mis 500 millones 

May-26-2019, 09:12:26 PST
I can’t belive. This shop is N’ 1
May-22-2019, 18:39:51 PST
Thank you! This shop is great! :)
May-15-2019, 06:16:20 PST
Sarbu Alexandru

I almost never write these kind of reviews, but this time i am so pleased with the service the guys offer that i must share this experience. I ordered some coins in 8ball, and to be completely honest i didn't expect to work. But in 2 hours, i had the coins in my account....without any problem.

Thank you so much for the fast service, i will recomand you for sure.

May-13-2019, 00:49:57 PST
Michael Knox
Excellent service and super fast highly recommend for fallout 76
May-11-2019, 16:29:50 PST