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How to get your auction house server?

Before placing an NFL 17 Mobile Coins from our website, please ensure you select your correct Auction house server. We offer NFL Coins on Mobile AH1, Mobile AH2, Mobile AH3 and Mobile AH4 now. The difference between the mobile ah is the "buy now price". There seem to be four different Auction Houses (maybe on different servers). So you can only see the cards on your AH. Look for Christian Hackenberg 63 QB:

999,111 bin AH 1

999,222 bin AH 2

999,333 bin AH 3

999,444 bin AH 4

There are probably a few trolls with the wrong price on your AH, because people are people. But you may always try to post a ton at the right price, and notice that there are usually a few at the right price posted by others too. So if you see the most at a certain price, that is probably your AH.

Mobile AH1 is 999,111

Mobile AH2 is 999,222

Mobile AH3 is 999,333

Mobile AH4 is 999,444

If you get any question, please feel free to contact our Live Chat support!